“What type of glass should I choose?” is often a question that arises among restaurant operators. Which is when this question arose. There is often the matter of “cost of glass” that comes into play as part of what makes the decision even more difficult. Even though the cost of each glass is important to running a restaurant, it’s true. But in the basic principles for selecting glasses used in restaurants, We need to put efficiency in use and the best interests of our customers first. with simple principles In selecting drinking glasses for restaurants, the following

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1. Do not use plastic cups

For medium sized restaurants There’s a storefront that looks reasonably good. Choosing to use plastic cups is considered as discrediting the store itself in a way. But more important than image is safety. Because plastic glasses are the most dangerous types of glass. Contains color coating that can fall out and be dangerous Especially in the case of using plastic cups to hold acidic water. Such as lemon juice or orange juice, it may cause a negative reaction to customers who eat it.

2. Choose a glass made from glass which is the best

Because there is no chemical contamination in the glass production process. and the properties of the smooth glass surface It has no effect on any type of water. This makes glasses made from glass the safest type of glass. And as for the image, the smoothness and clarity of the glass is also what makes the restaurant look better. Therefore, glasses made from glass Therefore, it is the best choice for running a restaurant.

3. Choose a glass that is not too thin. But it’s not too thick

​      Glass that is too thin is at risk of cracking easily. And in cases where hot drinks are served, a glass that is too thin will make it difficult to handle and drink from. There is a risk of accidental falls and breakage, so you should choose glass that is of good thickness. Because it’s too thick, it might look bulky. And another important point in choosing thick glass is that It’s time to fall apart. Will not spread into small pieces Makes it easy to manage and clean up. and there is less chance of harm occurring

4. The shape of the glass must not be too narrow

Choosing a glass that is too narrow It will make it difficult to wash, wipe, and clean, which if the cleaning is not thorough. Or that it’s not good enough? It will cause a mark. It causes dirt to stick to the glass, affecting customer hygiene. Moreover, if a glass with a stain on a drink is served to a customer, There is a chance of being complicit. and can cause damage to the shop. Therefore, when choosing a glass, you should choose a glass with an appropriately wide mouth. To make cleaning easy and thorough

If summarizing the overall guidelines for selecting beverage glasses that are suitable for use in restaurants, That is, operators need to consider issues of efficiency in use, safety, and hygiene of customers as important. Before deciding, let’s look at what type of glass is the best type of glass at our price point. In order to get the glass that is most suitable for use in our store. and has the most appropriate cost price. In purchasing glasses for restaurants, Buying from a large glass manufacturer and buy in large quantities to reserve for use throughout the year It is something that entrepreneurs need to consider carefully. To get a good glass, there is enough quantity. And the price is the most suitable.

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