How to Order


  • 1) Product Selection and Quotation-– Choose your products and request a quotation throughLINE ID : @luckyglass
  • 2) Minimum Order Quantity:-

    – Clear Glass: Minimum order of 1 carton.

    – Printed Glass: Minimum order of 5 gross or 720 pieces.

  • 3) Billing Address Submission:-– Send billing documents to LINE ID: @luckyglass

    – Corporation: Provide a  copy of Vat License (ภพ 20) or Business Registration Certificate (หนังสือรับรองบริษัทฯ)

    – Individual: Submit a copy of ID Card.

  • 4) Payment Method:-

    – Transfer payment to LUCKYGLASS bank account and share the payment slip via Line ID: @luckyglass

  • 5) Shipping:-

    – Confirm the delivery address

    *The company provides a warranty for products damaged during transportation.*

*Terms and conditions are subject to company’s specifications and may change without prior notice.


  • 1) Product Selection and Contact:- 

    – Select your products and contact our export team via email: [email protected]

  • 2) Minimum Order Quantity:-

    – Minimum order of 1 full container (20ft, 40ft, 40ft HQ).

  • 3) Payment Options:-

    – 3.1) By T/T 15 days before shipment date.
    – 3.2) By L/C at sight.

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What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
  • For domestic order (Thailand): the MOQ is 1 carton (ex: 48, 72, 144 pcs, depending on the packaging)
  • For export order: the MOQ is 1 full container (20ft, 40ft, or 40ft HQ) with 10 assorted items.
  • For smaller quantities: customers can order via our online channels: Lazada/ Shopee
What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for silk screen printing?
  • For domestic order: the MOQ is 5 grs. or 720 pcs.
  • For export order: the MOQ is 50 grs. or 7,200 pcs.
What is the delivery time period? 

For domestic order:

  • If the customer transfers the payment before 3:30pm on Monday, we will deliver the goods to the transportation on Tuesday.
  • If the customer transfers the payment before 3:30pm on Thursday, we will deliver the goods to the transportation on Friday.
    • ***It takes approx. 3-5 days to reach the customers within BKK.
    • ***It takes approx. 5-7 days to reach the customers outside of BKK.

For export order:

  • If the products are ready in stock, it can be shipped within 15 days.
  • If the products are not ready in stock, we will inform the production date.
What is Soda Lime Glass?

Soda lime glass is the most commonly used glass, making up 90% of all glass manufactured. The glass is made mostly from three basic components, which are silicon dioxide, sodium oxide, and calcium oxide. One of the properties in which the customer should be careful about is that, soda lime glass is not heat proof. Therefore, do not expose it to sudden temperature changes to avoid thermal shock.

One thing to note is that soda lime glass has a moderate thermal expansion coefficient, which means it does not handle sudden temperature changes well. It can break or crack if exposed to rapid thermal shock. The standard temperature difference it can withstand without breaking is usually around 70°C. For example, if you pour hot water of 90C into 30C glass. The temperature difference is 90C-30C=60C. Therefore, the glass should be able to withstand this change. However, if you pour hot water of 100C into 20C glass. The temperature difference is 100C-20C =80C, which is beyond 70C. The glass will be likely unable to stand this change and would likely break. Yet, this can vary depending on the thickness and treatment of the glass.

Can I use Soda Lime glass as a candle holder?

Yes, soda lime glass can be used as a candle holder. Soda lime glass is the most common type of glass and is used in a wide range of applications including windows, bottles, and glassware. It is made by melting a mixture of sodium carbonate (soda), lime (calcium oxide), and silica (sand), along with small amounts of various other compounds.

Soda lime glass can withstand moderate temperatures and the thermal stresses typically experienced during the burning of a candle. However, it’s worth noting that soda lime glass does not handle thermal shock (rapid changes in temperature) as well as some other types of glass, such as borosilicate glass. Therefore, it is important to avoid exposing a soda lime glass candle holder to sudden temperature changes, which could cause it to crack or break.

For use as a candle holder, the glass should be of sufficient thickness to handle the heat generated by the candle and should be placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface to prevent accidents. If the glass is too thin or if the candle burns too hotly for too long, there is a risk of the glass breaking from the heat.

In summary, while soda lime glass can be used as a candle holder, it’s essential to use it appropriately and cautiously to minimize the risk of breakage due to thermal stress.

How to clean soda-lime glass?

All glass requires care to ensure that it remains in the best possible state to prevent chips or scratches. We recommend hand washing the glass by using soapy water and drying with a lint-free cloth to prevent water marks forming. Another solution to remove white streaks is by scrubbing the glass around with a toothbrush and rinse it off. This will give the cloudy, soda-lime glass its shine back. Alternatively, vinegar can be used for the same effect.