Whoever is into shabu, raise your hand 🥢🥩🥓 Today Lucky would like to present “Shabu Square Restaurant” ✨🥩🥓🍗 The center for shabu of many nations, complete in one place 👍 There are Hot Pot, Hot Pot, Shabu, 8 soups, 8 dipping sauces, meat imported from Australia, fresh, clean, various ingredients, delicious. No matter how many times you come to eat, you’ll never get bored. 😍🤩 Most importantly, we use quality materials here. For example, the glasses in the store are glasses from Luckyglass ✨🥃🍹🥛 because both the price and quality are extremely worth it. The shape and appearance look good. Definitely confident in the quality 🌟


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