Calling all WFH warriors and homebodies! Turn your stay-at-home days into a delightful dessert fest with our easy-to-make Ice-Cream Yogurt Sherbet. Don’t let the world’s gloom dim the sparkle of delicious, homemade treats! 🌈✨ With LUCKYGLASS, create an oasis of yum in your kitchen, crafting a creamy, frosty sherbet that’s sure to bring smiles and a cool respite. Dive into our video for a fun, simple guide to turning your yogurt into a sherbet sensation. 🥄🎉 Ready to beat the heat and boredom with a spoon of bliss?

Find your perfect glassware and start the deliciousness:

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Let’s churn up joy and flavor with every scoop in LUCKYGLASS! 🌟🍨”

Capacity: 4.2 oz. (120 ml.), TD 61.5 x H 63.5 mm.


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