Introducing our luxurious V-SERIES HB glass LG-105412, with its wide mouth and thick base that screams elegance. Get ready to upgrade your drink presentations with a splash of creativity! Add a twist to your simple water or soda by infusing it with frozen strawberry, orange, or sala flavor ice cubes. Then, elevate the taste with a touch of salt on the rim for that perfect sip of Red Lime soda. 🍓🍊 The more you serve with our V-SERIES HB LG-105412 glass, the more your drinks transform into fun, stylish creations! Perfect for those looking to sprinkle some innovation into their beverages. 🎨💫

Ready to chill your drinks in style? Connect with us and make every sip an experience to remember:

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Let’s make every drink a dazzling delight with LUCKYGLASS glassware! 🥂✨”

Capacity: 11.5 oz. (330 ml.), TD 95 x H 97 mm.


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