“Indulge in Elegance with Affogato Dessert! 🍨☕️

Discover the art of dessert presentation with LUCKYGLASS glassware. This video showcases the simple yet stunning Affogato, an Italian semi-dessert, served in our stylish Stackable Tumbler LG-104007 (40). Elevate your dessert experiences with a touch of sophistication and creativity. Inspired to try this at home?

For more details on our glassware or to order, connect with us directly through LINE ID: @luckyglass or visit our product page at https://luckyglass.net/en/product/lg-104007-40/. Your journey to dazzling desserts begins here!”

Capacity: 7 oz. (200 ml.), TD 71 x H 87.5 mm.


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