Whether you’re blissfully paired or splendidly single💖, dive into the delightful world of DIY treats with our ‘Valentine’s Shake’ video. 🙆🏻‍♀❣️Learn how to create a mouth-watering smoothie ice-cream🍦, a self-love toast to your awesomeness, served in the most elegant LUCKYGLASS glassware🍹. Embrace the joy of creating and sipping on your own luscious shake, topped with all the splendor of full toppings! Ready to uplift your Valentine’s Day with a touch of sweetness and creativity? 💖🥰 Explore our range of stunning glassware to enhance your homemade delights.
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Let’s make this Valentine’s Day deliciously unforgettable!”

Capacity: 15.7 oz. (450 ml.), TD 81 x H 143 mm.


Capacity: 13.3 oz. (380 ml.), TD 79 x H 146 mm.


Dia: 4 5/8", Capacity: 405 ml., TD 119 x H 64.7 mm.


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