Elevate Your Thai Drink Experience with Luckyglass:

Enhance the pleasure of sipping traditional Thai beverages with our exquisite glassware at Luckyglass. Elevate your moments of enjoyment with:

1) Thai Iced Coffee Glasses:

  • Immerse yourself in the enchanting flavors of Thai Iced Coffee, elegantly presented in our specially crafted glasses. The perfect blend of coffee and sweetness deserves nothing less than the finest glassware.

2) O-Liang Glassware (Sweet Black Iced Coffee):

  • Elevate the bold and sweet allure of O-Liang with our premium glassware. The richness of the dark brew is beautifully complemented by the sophistication of our glasses, promising a refreshing experience.

3) Nom Yen Glassware (Iced Milk with Syrup):

  • Experience the delightful symphony of flavors in Nom Yen with our carefully designed glassware. The sweetened condensed milk and colorful syrup take on a new level of elegance in our premium glasses.

At Luckyglass, we not only celebrate the tradition of Thai beverages but also elevate the experience through our exquisite glassware. Explore our collection and add a touch of sophistication to your Thai drink rituals. Cheers to a journey of taste and style!

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Capacity: 14 oz. (400 ml.), TD 82 x H 120 mm.


Capacity: 10.5 oz. (300 ml.), TD 67.5 x H 127.5 mm.


Capacity: 11.5 oz. (330 ml.), TD 73 x H 116 mm.


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