As a restaurant owner, you know that the right choice in drinking glasses can significantly enhance your guests’ dining experience. The decision often boils down to quality, price, and design aesthetics. In the vast market of glassware, two prominent types stand out: “blown glass” and “pressed glass.” Understanding the differences between these can greatly impact your choice. As experts in the field, LUCKYGLASS, a leading pressed glass manufacturer, is here to help you navigate these options efficiently.

What is Blown Glass?

Blown glass is a type of glassware formed using high-pressure air to blow and shape molten glass into beautiful designs. This technique allows the glass to have elegant curves and a wide base. Key features of blown glass include its thin, transparent nature, and beautiful curvature, making it an exquisite choice for establishments aiming for luxury and distinction.

What is Pressed Glass?

Pressed glass is formed using a method that compresses the glass into a mold. This technique allows for a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from glasses with wide mouths to small bases, and includes styles such as cups and shot glasses. Pressed glass is notably thicker and less translucent than blown glass, offering durability and a robust feel. It’s an ideal choice for high-volume, everyday use.

Blown Glass vs Pressed Glass: The Comparison

To help you make an informed decision, consider the following table detailing their properties:

Attribute Pressed Glassware (LUCKYGLASS) Blown Glassware
Technique Molded under pressure into molds. Shaped by blowing air into molten glass.
Uniformity High – consistent in size and shape. Low – each piece is unique.
Durability Thicker and more robust. Generally thinner and more delicate.
Artistry Detailed patterns and textures possible. Elegant curves and transparency.
Cost More cost-effective, especially for bulk orders. Generally higher due to the labor-intensive process.
Suitability Everyday use in a high-volume setting. Premium establishments seeking unique aesthetics.


Making the Right Choice for Your Restaurant

Blown Glass: If you’re aiming for elegance and uniqueness, blown glass is the perfect choice. Its clear, beautiful curves make for an impressive presentation. However, its delicate nature means it’s more prone to breakage, which could lead to higher replacement costs.

Pressed Glass (LUCKYGLASS): For restaurants that prioritize durability and cost-effectiveness, pressed glass is the superior choice. It might not be as clear or thin as blown glass, but its thickness provides greater durability, reducing the likelihood of breakage. It’s also more uniform, making it ideal for creating consistent table settings.

LUCKYGLASS, renowned for its high-quality pressed glassware, offers a variety of styles to meet the specific needs of restaurant operators. We understand the balance between cost-effectiveness and aesthetic appeal and strive to provide glassware that meets both criteria. Plus, we are constantly innovating, ensuring that our pressed glass designs keep up with the latest trends.


Choosing between blown and pressed glassware depends on your restaurant’s style, budget, and operational needs. While blown glass offers elegance and unique design, pressed glass provides durability and cost-effectiveness, making it ideal for the bustling atmosphere of a restaurant. With LUCKYGLASS, you can trust that you’re choosing high-quality, durable glassware designed to impress and last. Elevate your restaurant’s dining experience with the right glassware today!

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